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Quarterly & Monthly Services

Treatment to your house or office on a regular basis to prevent insects & rodents.

Tick & Flea Sprays

Treatment to your property including entire perimeter, all shrub beds and lawn for control of Ticks & Fleas.

Foundation Sprays for Outside Invaders

Treatment to foundation area, shrub beds and near trees to control Carpenter Ants & outside invaders.

Carpenter Ants

To locate & destroy Carpenter Ants in the structure if seeing a lot in one area of the house. If just a few here and there then the above treatment would probably take care of the problem.

Stink Bugs & Lady Bugs

Treatment to control the above insects would be performed mainly on the outside of the house & attic.

All Bees & Wasps

Treatment to be localized where bees & wasps are found.


Treatment for Termites can be performed with liquid & Foam and or Termite Bait System.

Mice & Rats

To locate entry points if possible & treat with bait inside or outside which would be placed in tamper proof bait stations for the control of rodents.